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All About Osteoarthritis

About Us

The multidisciplinary team at Chinook Bone and Joint consists of eight surgeons, nursing staff, and administration.


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Surgical Screening

Once the Clinic has received your referral you will be contacted for a surgical screening appointment with one of our team of orthopaedic surgeons. The surgeon will conduct a brief review of your history and Xrays to determine your eligibility for surgery. At this meeting you will also meet other members of the Clinical Care Team who will assist you during your surgical experience. You will have opportunities to attend group education sessions, surgical optimization classes and a case lead who is dedicated to your personal care.

Educational Sessions

The interdisciplinary team at the Chinook Bone and Joint Clinic is committed to providing you with all of the tools and information that will help you have a successful surgery and recovery. Our educated team of health professionals will offer sessions on:

 - Diet

 - Exercise

 - Rehabilitation

 - Preparing for Surgery
 - GLA:D Program


Surgical Follow up

After your surgery you can expect a call from our clinical care team to check in on you after you have been discharged from the hospital. We are dedicated to your care and are here to assist with your healing post operatively as well. In addition, you will visit the Clinic for your 2 week follow up and removal of sutures/staples. A member of our clinical team will assess your range of motion and mobility.


Following your surgery you can expect to complete a 3 month and 12 month follow up questionnaire as well as a potential clinical visit to assess recovery, quality of life and range of motion.

Quality of Life

We are part of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute and as such are committed to collecting data and patient experiences to assist with improving quality of care in the province of Alberta. Throughout your surgical journey, you may be asked to complete surveys regarding your quality of life and your surgical experience.

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