The multidisciplinary team at Chinook Bone and Joint consists of eight surgeons, nursing staff, kinesiologists and administration.



For more information on Lethbridge Orthopaedic Surgeons please visit  https://lethbridgeorthopedics.ca 

Dr. Stephen Kwan


Dr. Kwan has been a surgeon in Lethbridge for over 20 yrs. His passion for orthopedic and sports medicine is obvious in his patient care and commitment to his practice.  He founded the Sports Medicine Centre currently located out of the University of Lethbridge and is also involved the Chinook Bone and Joint Clinic.

Dr. Lance Anderson


Dr. Anderson has been practicing in Southern AB for over 5 years. His specialities include Hip and Knee arthoplasty, ACL, MCL repairs and other emergency orthopaedic surgeries.

Dr. Mark Fernhout


Dr. Mark Fernhout has a particular expertise in hip and knee arthroplasty. He has been practicing in Lethbridge for over 8 years.

Dr. Ed Schwartzenberger


Dr. Ben Storey


Dr. Storey graduated from the University of Calgary in 2009.

Dr. Christina Bakir


Dr. Bakir joins us after finishing her orthopaedic residency in Calgary AB and some extra training in foot and ankle surgery in Houston Texas, and pediatric orthopaedic surgery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She does a variety of orthopaedic surgeries, including total knee replacements, musculoskeletal trauma repair, foot and ankle surgeries, and pediatric musculoskeletal surgeries.

Nursing Staff

Cora Gagnon, RN

Cora Gagnon is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years Orthopaedic hospital nursing experience, most recently in the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic and Joint Education Teaching class. She has developed a passion for Orthopaedics over the years and now she joins the team working collectively with the Orthopaedic surgeons in hopes to become a liaison for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.


Case Manager for Dr. Christina Bakir, Dr. Mark Fernhout and Dr. Ben Storey.

Brittany Agnew LPN

Brittany Agnew is a Licensed Practical Nurse with 4 years Orthopaedic hospital nursing experience, most recently on Unit 4A Orthopaedics. After working on a few different units she fell in love with the Orthopaedic patients on 4A and has been increasing her knowledge ever since. She’s excited to help patients through their joint replacement surgeries.


Case Manager for Dr. Lance Anderson, Dr. Ed Schwartzenberger and Dr. Stephen Kwan.